How to Get Your Kids Cleaning at Your Puchong Home

How to Get Your Kids Cleaning at Your Puchong Home

Kids naturally lean towards play and exploration, yet this often leads to disorder. Managing the chaos they create at home is tasking. No parent looks forward to assigning their kids extra chores. Yet, there are techniques to motivate your children to participate in cleaning activities without much convincing. Explore these strategies for involving your children in tidying up your home in Puchong!


Provide a Cleaning Checklist

One of the things expert cleaners in Puchong suggest is to provide kids with a checklist of the things that need to get done. This will make them think about what needs to be cleaned, and they can start getting it done on their own!

You could also use a chart or star system for every time your kids do something good, like cleaning up after themselves, which encourages them even more.

Make sure they easily see the checklist on your home so that they will always be reminded of it.

Utilize Baskets

This is a great idea for when you are cleaning the house.

Put all of your things in baskets, and label them separately. This will make it easier to organize everything!

For example, have one basket with toys that need to go away or be put back where they belong once finished playing with them.

Put another basket together with their clothes that need to get done next time they do laundry. It’s always better if there are fewer steps for kids because then doing chores becomes less intimidating.

Turn Cleaning Into a Game

Kids want to have fun, and sometimes it’s even better when they are cleaning!

If your kids love games, turn the chores into a game. It could be something simple like whoever gets done first wins, or you can play different versions of tag while everyone cleans up their own space.

Just make sure that you keep an eye on them, so nothing bad happens!

Offer Incentives To Clean The House

Be creative when you think about what incentives your kids would like.

For example, if they are really into art or playing sports outside, then offer to take them out for ice cream after their chores are done!

You could also make a deal that whoever gets their room clean first can have the TV on longer next time.

It’s important to remember that every child is different, so it might be best to use more than one incentive at once!

Teach Kids How to Make Up the Bed

When your kid’s bed is messy, it can be so frustrating.

Instead of nagging them to make their beds every morning and night, teach them how to do it themselves!

If you show kids how making up the bed should look, then they will learn much faster than if you just tell them what needs to get done.

For example, maybe after tucking in all the sheets on each side but before pulling up the comforter, create a crease down towards the pillows that will help keep everything looking sharp when finished.

This allows for extra time with these simple instructions versus spending more time telling them exactly what to do next.

Make Cleaning After Themselves a Habit

It’s very likely that your kids will only clean up after themselves when they are forced to.

Creating a habit out of cleaning is easier than just getting it done because you tell them what needs to get done!

If you want your kid’s toys picked up every night before bed, then always have the basket of their things available for them by the door, so everyone can remember where everything goes without having to think about it too much.

This also applies to putting clothes away and making sure beds are made in the morning! If there aren’t any reminders or steps involved, kids won’t be as inclined to do these chores on their own as they should.


This blog post has provided you with some useful tips for how to get your kids cleaned in the house.

As a parent, it can be difficult to find ways that motivate them and make sure they do their part around the home.

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas of things that work for other parents like yourself who are trying to teach their children about household chores or just looking for more effective methods themselves!

If you have more questions in mind, give us a call today!