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Looking for a reliable company for mattress cleaning services in Malaysia? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. We specialize in making your mattress feel fresh and pristine, no matter the size of the job.

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Our professional mattress cleaning services Malaysia, stand out for their efficiency and attention to detail. 

Understanding the challenges that come with maintaining a clean and hygienic mattress, we employ only the most effective and advanced techniques to ensure your mattress is free from dust mites, bacteria, and any unsightly stains.

Our team at Ultra Cleaning utilizes high-tech equipment designed specifically for deep cleaning mattresses without causing any damage. This advanced technology guarantees that every inch of your mattress is meticulously cleaned, contributing significantly to the extension of its lifespan and your overall health.

Choosing our professional mattress cleaning services in Malaysia means you’re opting for a hassle-free way to ensure your sleeping environment is as clean and healthy as possible.Trust us to provide you with the best mattress cleaning experience, leaving your mattress looking and feeling like new.
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Why Hire Us For Mattress Cleaning Services

There are many reasons why so many of our clients choose us for their mattress cleaning needs.

Specialize in Mattress Cleaning

Our team understands the intricacies of different mattress types and how to address specific issues like dust mites, bacteria, and stains effectively. This specialization ensures that we can provide a high level of service, tailor-made to extend the life of your mattress and improve your sleep quality.

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Certified Mattress Cleaning Provider

Our cleaner hold certifications in mattress cleaning, showcasing our commitment to delivering professional and reliable services. These certifications mean that we adhere to strict standards, ensuring that every mattress we clean is free from allergens and contaminants, making your sleeping environment healthier and more comfortable.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our work, offering satisfaction guarantees on our mattress cleaning services. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right. This guarantee reflects our confidence in our services and our commitment to excellence.

Affordable Price & Packages

We offer competitive pricing and flexible packages to fit every budget. Understanding the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy mattress, we’ve structured our services to be accessible without compromising on quality. Our transparent pricing means no hidden fees, providing you with value and peace of mind.

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Latest Equipment For Mattress Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to remove even the most stubborn stains and allergens, revitalizing your mattress to a like-new condition. This advanced technology also shortens the drying time, enabling you to enjoy a clean mattress sooner.

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Free Quote

We provide free, no-obligation quotes for our mattress cleaning services. Our team is ready to discuss your specific needs and recommend the best service package, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. This commitment to transparency is a cornerstone of our customer service approach.

How Our Mattress Cleaning Works

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Here’s a closer look at our comprehensive mattress cleaning process, designed to offer you improved comfort and health.

Step 1: Thorough Vacuum

We initiate our mattress cleaning service with a thorough vacuum. This step is critical to remove all debris, dirt, and bacteria that accumulate over time.

Step 2: Deodorising

After vacuuming, we deodorize the mattress. Our deodorizing process is designed to neutralize foul odours, leaving your mattress smelling fresh and enhancing your indoor air quality, ensuring a more restful night's sleep.

Step 3: Stain Removal

Stains on mattresses can be tough to tackle due to the delicate nature of the fabrics and the risk of water damage. Our expert team employs specialized, safe cleaning agents that effectively remove stains without harming the mattress material.

Step 4: Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning process removes any lingering allergens, dust mites, and bacteria, without the long drying times associated with traditional water-based cleaning methods. This approach minimizes inconvenience, allowing you to enjoy a clean mattress without missing a single night's sleep.

How To Book Our Mattress Cleaning Service In Malaysia

Step 1: Contact Us For A Free Quote

Contact us via WhatsApp or phone and provide details about your mattress like its size, type, and any specific issues, such as stains or allergens. Based on the information that you provide, we’ll then offer you a free quote tailored to your needs, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Step 2: Schedule

Once you accept our quote, you can schedule a service at a time that suits you. We offer flexible slots throughout the week, including weekends, to fit your busy schedule. We also ask about any special requests or specific areas needing extra attention to ensure we're fully prepared for our visit.

Step 3: Cleaning Your Mattress

Our certified cleaners arrive with advanced cleaning equipment, inspect your mattress, and then vacuum to remove debris. Our team will treat stains with non-toxic solutions, deep clean to eliminate allergens and bacteria, and finish by deodorizing, leaving your mattress fresh and hygienic.

Price of Mattress Cleaning Service in Malaysia

Understanding the cost of mattress cleaning in Malaysia is essential for maintaining a hygienic sleep environment. Prices vary based on mattress size, condition, cleaning techniques, and additional services like fabric protection. Costs can range from RM100 to RM400, influenced by factors like intensive stain removal or advanced technologies such as UV light treatment.

Choose Ultra Cleaning for a thorough mattress clean that combats allergens and dust mites, ensuring a healthier sleep in Malaysia’s humid conditions. Connect with our team today to enhance your sleeping environment!

What Our Customers Say About Ultra Cleaning

Sarah Lee
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Great experience with Ultra Cleaning. They were punctual, friendly, and my mattress has never been cleaner. Worth every penny for such exceptional service!
Alexa Chew
Restaurant Owner, Shah Alam
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Ultra Cleaning did an excellent job on our mattresses. The technicians were professional and used great, non-toxic products. Our beds smell and feel fresh!
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I'm really impressed with Ultra Cleaning’s mattress service. Quick, professional, and very effective. All the stains and odors are gone!

Our Key Clients

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Let Us Handle Your Mattress Cleaning Needs

At Ultra Cleaning, we specialize in mattress cleaning targeting both visible stains and hidden allergens like dust mites. Our services include advanced techniques such as UV light disinfection, vacuuming, deodorizing, and dry cleaning, ensuring a comprehensive clean that enhances sleep quality and maintains a healthy environment.

We offer competitive, transparent pricing based on mattress size and condition, ensuring great value. Serving particularly the KL and Selangor area, our state-of-the-art equipment and proven methods make us the top choice for maintaining the cleanliness and healthiness of your mattresses. Contact us today to rejuvenate your sleeping space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress Cleaning Services

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions for our mattress cleaning services.

We recommend having your mattress professionally cleaned at least once every six months to maintain optimal cleanliness and extend the life of your mattress.

Our cleaning process typically includes vacuuming, spot treating stains, steam cleaning, and a final inspection to ensure thorough cleanliness and hygiene.

Yes, our cleaning methods are safe for all mattress types. We use gentle, yet effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not harm the mattress fabric or structure.

The cleaning process usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes per mattress, depending on its condition and size.

Regular professional cleaning removes allergens, dust mites, and bacteria, improves air quality, extends the life of your mattress, and contributes to a healthier sleeping environment.