How To Prepare For Post Renovation Cleaning

Tips to Maintain a Clean Home During a House Renovation

A house renovation can be a stressful and messy process. You need to find the perfect contractor, keep tabs on the progress of your home project, and remember not to disturb anything as it is being worked on. But this doesn’t mean you have to live in a dirty house during renovations! With these tips, you’ll see that maintaining a clean home during a construction project is actually quite easy.

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Cover Your Furniture

cover furniture

No matter how clean you try to keep your home, there will always be dust and dirt flying around. This is especially true if the renovation takes place on the upper floor of your house.

Protecting all of your furniture with plastic covers will prevent it from getting too dirty during renovations.

You can cover upholstery pieces like couches or chairs with shower curtains as well! If you want to take it a step further, use sheet tins for bigger items such as dressers and dining room tables.

Clear the Area

It’s very important to keep your work zone as clear as possible throughout the renovation. Anything left in this area could potentially get damaged, which will lead to more expenses and headaches for you!

To make sure contractors can do their jobs properly, try moving all of your outdoor furniture onto the patio or deck during renovations.

While they are working on certain areas inside your home, be sure to move it back into its usual spot before you leave for the day (or even the weekend!).

This also means that any plants around your house should be moved somewhere safe until construction is finished.

Make a Path for Your Contractors

Having to navigate through a maze of boxes and furniture can be frustrating for contractors, which will lead to them taking longer on the job.

Create an easy path that leads your workers right into their work zone by removing any obstacles from this area.

If there are items you don’t want to be damaged during renovations (like plants or art), put these in another room until things quiet down again.

Seal off the Renovation Area

Sealing off the renovation area will keep dust and dirt out of your living space.

To do this, simply use plastic sheeting or drop cloths to create a barrier between your home’s interior and exterior during renovations.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to seal up all sides of an object – just enough so no debris comes through!

You can also paint over the walls surrounding the construction zone with chalkboard paint if it is going to be used as “the home office” for a while. This way, contractors will know not to enter without permission!

Invest in a High-Quality Vacuum

It’s very important to make sure your home is clean before contractors come in, but it can be nearly impossible to keep things tidy during construction.

Instead of spending all your time cleaning up after the mess that has been made (which will ultimately get dirty again!), invest in a high-quality vacuum.

This way you won’t have too much work ahead of you when renovations are finally finished!

Make a Daily Cleaning Routine

By making a daily cleaning routine, you’ll be able to keep your home as tidy as possible throughout the renovation.

Standing in the same spot for an hour every day watching contractors work will get boring very quickly! Instead of doing nothing, make use out of this time by vacuuming and dusting your living space.

This way, you won’t have to worry about leaving behind dirt or messes when you go somewhere else for the day (or even overnight).

Hire Professional Cleaners

professional cleaners

If you want a deep cleaning done before renovations start and after they are finished, hiring professional cleaners could be the best option for you.

These professionals will ensure that your home is completely cleaned top to bottom – even in spaces contractors didn’t get to!

This way, when friends come over or family visits during renovation season, it won’t seem like construction took place at all.

In Conclusion

This blog post has provided a list of tips for maintaining a clean home during the renovation process.

This article detailed how to protect your floors, walls, and furniture from dust with protective sheets or plastic wrap so you can enjoy your house while it’s being remodeled without worrying about all that dirty construction debris building up everywhere.

Should you have any more questions to ask, give us a call today!