Tips To Cleaning Your Child’s Bedroom

Tips To Cleaning Your Child’s Bedroom

In this article, we’re going to dive into efficient methods for arranging your child’s room. Dealing with a space crammed with toys and clothes may seem daunting to tidy up, yet by applying some creativity and structured approaches, you can conquer this chore successfully.


Pick Up All Their Toys First

pick up toys

Picking up all their toys is the easiest way to start organizing your child’s bedroom. You can put them in a basket or box near their door so that they are easy for them to grab and play with before bed.

Or, you could just let it be an incentive for them to clean up if they want more of those specific toys out.

Once you have picked up all the toys, pick a place for each item! Use shelves or drawers close by so that everything has its own space.

If there aren’t enough places around the room, store some things under your child’s bed until they need something else.

Sweep, Mop, and Vacuum

You don’t want any dust, dirt, or hair in your child’s bedroom. It can trigger allergies and make them sick when they are sleeping!

Make sure to sweep the floors every day so that it doesn’t get too dusty or dirty.

It would be best if you also mopped their floor once a week along with vacuuming at least twice per month for best results.

Refold and Rehang Clothes

refold and rehang

Clothes can get wrinkly and sometimes even dirty if they are left on the floor.

If you have not done so already, make sure to give your child a place for all of their clothes that are easy to reach.

If it’s too hard or impossible to hang up some items, store them in drawers until later.

Once you have refolded all the clothes and put them away neatly, pick one area as a spot where your child puts their clean clothes every day before bedtime!

This will teach kids good habits from an early age.

Take Out Their Trash Regularly

Children often get so caught up in playing by themselves or with their friends that they forget to throw away the trash.

Make sure your child knows where the garbage is and what it’s used for by taking out their trash regularly when you clean.

You can put a specific time of day on this task if necessary, such as every night after dinner before bedtime.

Put a Checklist on Display

A checklist of all the tasks you do for your child’s bedroom can be a great incentive.

Put it in an area where they will see and read it often so that they always know what to expect when cleaning up their room.

This list should also include rewards like extra playtime or TV time if everything is finished!

Teach Kids How to Make Up the Bed

A messy bed can be the most frustrating part of cleaning your child’s room.

Teaching them how to make up their own bed will help them get it done more quickly on their own while also teaching responsibility for this task.

Reminders are key when learning any new skill or process! You could even put a checklist next to their bed so that they know what steps they need to take each night before going to sleep.

Make It a Habit for Them to Clean Up After Themselves

Assigning chores for your child is a great way to teach them responsibility.

If they are old enough, make it part of their daily routine by assigning specific tasks that need to be done right away every day!

This will help kids become responsible adults when you are not there to remind them what needs doing.

Cleaning up after yourself should be an automatic habit at this age, but if it isn’t, then put some extra time into teaching younger children how to do the same thing on their own eventually!


Cleaning your child’s bedroom is an important task for any parent. We hope these tips will help you make the process easier and more enjoyable!

If you have any more questions to ask, please feel free to give us a call today!