8 Things in Your Home That You Forget to Clean

8 Things in Your Home That You Forget to Clean

If you’ve been living in your home for some time, you might not realize the condition of certain items staring you in the face. If this sounds familiar, it’s recommended that you take a closer look at these eight things in your house that frequently get overlooked during cleaning.




If you have handicap rails in your home, then our professional cleaners highly recommend cleaning them. This is one of the easiest things that gets forgotten about when cleaning!

It does not take much effort for you to make sure these are nice and shiny.

If needed, use a solution made up of vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water to help cut through any dirt on the surface; this will make it easier for you to wipe off later after they dry.

Computer Mouse

If you use a computer on a daily basis, then chances are your mouse is going to get grimy.

You need to not only clean the exterior of it but also make sure that you give the inside some attention as well!

Use cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol mixed with water or distilled white vinegar in order to wipe away any dirt from both the top and bottom parts.


door knob

The doorknobs on your door can get dirty from people touching them as they enter and exit.

Clean these with a solution made up of equal parts water, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar to help you wipe away any dirt that may be there!

To make it easier for yourself, use an old toothbrush in order to really clean the crevices where germs could potentially hide.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you have salt and pepper shakers sitting out on your dining table, then it’s time to give them a good cleaning.

You should wipe away any excess flakes of seasoning that may be sticking around in order to make sure they are clean and ready for use!

For the exterior, use soap and water to help remove anything stuck on there as well.


If you have plants in your home, then the chances are that they live on a window sill.

It’s important to make sure these areas do not get forgotten about when it comes time for cleaning!

Use soap and water to wipe away any dirt or dust that is there, which will ensure the area stays clean throughout the rest of the year.

Inside Bathroom Doors

It’s easy to forget about the insides of your bathroom doors, but they can get dirty very quickly.

To make this task easier for yourself, use a squeegee in order to help wipe away any dirt and dust that has accumulated over time.

You should also consider taking out some vinegar once you are done in there; spray it onto the door and then wipe it with a cloth in order to leave it sparkling clean!

Shower Doors and Curtains

After you take a shower, have you ever wondered what is going on with the glass doors and curtains in there?

Over time, they can get dirty from soap scum being left behind.

To make this easier for yourself to clean up later, spray down your shower curtain or door before getting into it so that all of the dirt will come right off when you are done!

In order to really help cut through anything stuck on there, though, use vinegar instead of water. This helps prevent streaking from happening after cleaning as well.

Pet Areas

If you have a pet, then the chances are that they like to get up on your furniture or even go into certain rooms in the house.

It’s important to make sure their spots get cleaned every once in a while!

Use vinegar and water mixed together with some essential oils thrown into there, too, if needed; this will help cut through any smells leftover from them using it as their own area.

Wrapping It Up

Learning how to clean your home is an essential skill. If you’ve been neglecting the dirtiest parts of your house, it may be time to revisit them with a fresh set of eyes and tackle any stains or messes that have accumulated.

This blog post has given eight common things in our homes that are often overlooked when cleaning up because they seem easier than other tasks.

If you have any more questions to ask, give us a call today!