Questions to Ask Your Professional Cleaners in Puchong

Questions to Ask Your Professional Cleaners in Puchong

Should you be in need of a trustworthy cleaning service in Puchong, it’s essential to ask several questions before deciding to employ their services.

Cleaning can be time-consuming and difficult work, so it is important to make sure that the people who do it for you are professional. Here are some of the questions that I recommend asking any potential cleaners:


Do They Carry Worker’s Compensation?

workers compensation

Any commercial cleaner should have a worker’s compensation policy. This protects them if someone is injured during their work, and it also protects you as the business owner because there will be no liability on your part for injuries that happen to workers doing the job.

Do They Have A Satisfaction Guarantee?

It is important to make sure that the business you choose offers a satisfaction guarantee.

If they don’t, then it might be difficult for you as the customer to get your money back if there are any problems with their services or products.

In addition, without a satisfaction guarantee, you have no way of knowing if the work is being done well.

What Should I Do With My Pet?


If you have a pet, it is important to know what your cleaner will do with them.

Some companies are willing to come into the office while they’re there and take care of pets as well as clean, but others may not be comfortable doing that.

In general, though, most businesses should say no problem taking care of pets if you ask about it in advance or give them some notice before their arrival time so that they can prepare for this.

How Long Has The Cleaning Service Been In Business?

It is important to know how long the cleaning service has been in business so that you can feel confident about working with them.

Any cleaner who has been open for at least three years should be well-established, but if they’ve only recently opened up, then it might not be a good idea to work with them yet because there may still be problems or issues that need to be worked on out.

It will also help if you ask for feedback from past clients to ensure sufficiency.

What Is Included In Your Cleaning?

It is important to know exactly what your cleaner will be doing during the cleaning and their process for getting everything done.

If they are not willing or able to provide you with a full list of all that they do in advance, then it may be better to choose another company that can give you this information before starting work on any project.

Are You Insured And Bonded?

One of the most important questions to ask any cleaner is if they are insured and bonded or not.

These can protect you as the customer in case anything goes wrong during the cleaning process.

For example, your property could be damaged by accident because someone was using a machine inappropriately, putting it too close to something that ended up breaking due to this.

If you have insurance on your own company’s building already for situations like this happening yourself so that no one will sue them or take legal action against them for what happened, leading to even more problems down the road.

How Do You Set Your Rates?

It is important to know exactly how your cleaners set their rates because it can impact you as the customer.

If they don’t use a transparent process for this, then you may end up paying more than necessary or getting unexpected charges on top of what was originally expected after everything has been completed.

For example, if there are any extra costs associated with cleaning something particularly difficult that comes up during the job, whether it be some type of mess left behind by someone that wasn’t part of the company or if new equipment needs to be purchased in order to get things done properly and completely.

How Will You Gain Access To My Home?

It is important to know how your cleaner will gain access to the home so you can feel comfortable with letting them in.

If they are not willing or able to provide this information, then it may be better for you as the customer if you go with another company that provides these details before any work starts on a project.


Asking the right questions to your professional cleaners in Puchong is important. It will help you get what you need and want while also making sure they’re doing their job effectively.

We hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions about how to talk with them during a cleaning session or before an appointment begins.

If you have more questions in mind, give us a call today!