How to Organise Your Bathroom

How to Organise Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom can be a daunting task. There are so many different aspects to consider, from the equipment inside the room to what you store in it. It is important that everything has its place and is easy to find when needed. Here are some tips for how to organize your bathroom.


Declutter Your Bathroom

One of the things our expert cleaners suggest is to remove all the unnecessary items from your bathroom. This includes everything that is broken, not used, or out of date.

Your aim should be to have only the essentials in there, so you are able to quickly find what you need when using it without having too many options cluttering up space.

Keep anything that is important for hygiene purposes, though, e.g., soap and toilet paper.

As well as this, ensure hair products are kept with other beauty-related equipment if necessary by designating a specific area for them on one of the shelves within your shower/bathtub storage unit.

Keep Your Counters Clutter-Free

bathroom countertops

It would be best if you kept your counters clutter-free. This means having any items with a purpose only on the surface when they are in use and putting them back once you have finished.

Don’t leave anything out for too long, or it will become cluttered again, so try to find ways of storing things away if possible while still being able to access them easily whenever necessary.

Utilize Bathroom Cabinets for Storage

Toiletries can be kept in your bathroom cabinets, as well as other equipment that you need.

It is important to keep things stored away but accessible and find ways of combining storage to save space if possible.

Use baskets or boxes for smaller items such as makeup brushes and nail polishes, so they don’t get lost at the back of drawers where they are difficult to reach.

Make sure there is a place for everything which allows you to quickly access it when needed within arm’s length without having too much excess room taking up space unnecessarily.

For larger items like shampoo bottles and bar soap bars, make use of wall-mounted shelves behind the door rather than using cupboard doors because these take up less room.

Utilize Drawer Dividers

drawer divider

Use drawer dividers to separate items that are similar in size and shape but different.

For example, you could use these for storing shaving cream next to razors, so they don’t get mixed up or lost within each other when trying to find them later on.

This also helps keep things together, so you always know where everything is rather than having multiple products cluttering up the same space because there is no specific place for it which makes finding what you need difficult at times.

Have a Caddy for Each Group of Things

Every group of things should have its own caddy or basket, e.g., make-up, cotton balls, and swabs, etc.

This helps keep the counters clutter-free because each item has its place within one specific area which can be taken out when required then put away again quickly without much effort compared to having everything spread over different surfaces where it becomes cluttered easily.

It also saves space by finding ways of combining storage rather than using up valuable countertop surfaces for an assortment of items that could all fit into something smaller instead, like a basket or caddy with multiple compartments inside, depending on what you are keeping in there.

Use Hooks for Towels Instead of Towel Bars

This allows you to use the walls as storage space and saves valuable counter-top space, which could be used elsewhere with a variety of things instead.

Hooks are also more versatile because they can hold other items such as robes, clothes hangers, washcloths, etc., whereas towel bars only really work well for hanging up towels.

In addition to this, it makes them easier to access when required rather than having everything out on display where it becomes cluttered easily, which makes using the bathroom difficult at times.

Label Your Things

Labels are great for organizing and finding what you need quickly.

This allows you to keep everything in its correct place without having too much excess room taking up space unnecessarily because it’s easy to find the right item when they all have their own designated spot that they go into based on labels which means no more rummaging through cupboards looking for something specific only to not be able to identify it correctly when you come across it.


It may seem like a daunting task, but when you break it down and start by tackling the easy stuff first, the process becomes much more manageable.

This blog post has provided information on how to organize your bathroom. We hope these ideas have been useful for you!

If you need more help in cleaning and organizing your home, contact us today!